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?????High Capacitance MLCC????


Higher Capacitance Higher Value

KEMET Electronics is the preferred capacitor supplier to the world’s most demanding customers. KEMET is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the industry’s ever increasing High Capacitance needs through continuous enhancement and expansion of our High CV MLCC portfolio. Why not buy your High Capacitance MLCC capacitors from the industry leader in:

Check out our latest capacitance value offerngs in X5R and X7R dielectrics:


The operating temperature range of these capacitors is between -55oC and +85oC for the X5R MLCC and between -55oC and +125oC for the X7R MLCC, with zero bias capacitance shift limited to +/- 15% over those ranges. The 0402 and 1210 case sizes are suitable for reflow soldering only. All parts incorporate KEMET’s standard barrier layer of pure nickel with an overplate of pure tin to provide excellent solderability as well as resistance to leaching. All parts are RoHS compliant.

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